About me

I’m Amanda Barrows: a Maine-native and TEFL instructor. I received a B.A from UMF in International Relations in 2014 and am living my dream of world travel and teaching English. My eventual goal is to get a Master’s in peace studies, so as to become a mediator of foreign conflict. I’m passionate about foreign languages, cultures, making new friends around the world, and making a positive impact. For me, every interaction and encounter is special and I never know who I will meet during my travels. I am open-minded and open to having adventures and to make the most of life.

Wanderlust is real: I want to go everywhere! Thus far, I have visited: Argentina, Austria, Canada, Czech Republic, France, Hungary, Italy, Mexico, Paraguay, Spain, Turkey, Switzerland, South Korea and of course, the United States. I would love to talk about any of these countries and exchange travel tips and experiences.

All opinions expressed on the “Fulbright teaching assistantship…”  are those of the author solely. They should not be considered a reflection of views of the Korean-American Educational Commission, the Fulbright Commission, the United States State Department, or any other organization or individual.


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